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About Halina

Halina Skrzypek has been working with kids since she started teaching elementary school in Poland. Her techniques create a fun and inviting learning environment through arts, crafts, music, and theater. 

Halina has developed professional programs for early childhood education, and has led teacher workshops to share her innovative methods. Halina is also available for group workshops or private consulting sessions to bring fresh ideas to your home or school programs.

Contact Halina at: halina@learnwithcrafts.com

Halina Skrzypek's Resume  


Graduate Diploma in Music Education, Teachers Institute, Poland.

Diploma in Early Childhood Education, Pedagogical College, Poland.

Child Development Supervisor, Child Care Staff Qualification Certificate, Canada.


  • Over 15 years of experience working as a program supervisor for kindergarten and out-of-school-care students. Provided professional programs for early childhood education in such subjects as math, language, arts, music, and crafts. 
  • 8 years of experience as an Educator Certification System (ECS) assistant for elementary schools within the Edmonton Public Schools, the Calgary Board of Education, and Calgary Catholic School District. Helped teachers work with students on a variety of skills to further their education.
  • Elementary school teacher for 10 years in Poland. Taught all subjects to students in kindergarten and Grade 1, and taught music, theory, and music history to students in Grades 5, 6, 7, and 8. Conducted school choir and a mandolin orchestra. Developed teacher workshops on teaching techniques for children.
  • Instructor of teacher and student workshops; taught paper cut-out techniques during Fine Art Council conferences for Alberta teachers. 
  • 2 years of experience teaching at the John Paul II Polish School in Calgary and at the Maria Chrzanowska Polish School in Edmonton. Taught Grade 2 and 3 Polish language, Polish history, and traditional folk craft and music. 
  • Performer of Polish traditional music and Polish traditional art exhibitor during multi-cultural Canadian functions:  Canada Day, Spruce Meadows, Heritage Days, and other Polish festivals.  
  • Conducted traditional Polish arts and crafts workshops at the Provincial Museum of Alberta in Edmonton, and the Glenbow Museum in Calgary.


Member of Fine Art Council