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Learn With Crafts: Halloween teaches kids how to make amazing paper cut-outs for Halloween at three levels (beginner, intermediate, and advanced). Paper cut-outs are a traditional method used for decorating walls and windows, and a great way to get kids to use their creativity and practice their motor skills.

At the beginner level, kids learn how to make a ghost, a pumpkin, 
and a witch’s hat and boots. At the intermediate level, kids learn how to make a bat, a spider, and a haunted house. At the advanced level, kids learn how to make a cat and pumpkin, a witch, and a Halloween scene.

Each pattern can be cut out directly from the book and traced multiple times so that several can be made. The goal of this book is to teach kids to use scissors and paper in an artistic way. Mastering a new skill provides a great sense of accomplishment.

More books coming soon!